Our Story


Edgewild Resort was literally carved out of the woods on the North Shore of West Fox Lake in the mid 1930′s. The original owners brought a saw mill across the ice one winter (before there was even a road back here) and built half a dozen small fishing cabins from wood that was cut right here.

In those early days, the old cabins were politely referred to as “rustic” and “quaint” and Edgewild Resort was basically a place where people came to fish.

The cabins were very basic, with an ice box, a wood cook stove, an outdoor pump, and an outhouse. Electricity was added in the early 1950′s.

We have families that have enjoyed Edgewild for generations. Our lodge is one of the few remaining original structures.


In 2013 the resort was purchased by Eric, Heidi, Ken and Lois O’Brien.

Eric and Heidi O’Brien were raised in Becker, MN and lived in Alaska from 2008-2013. Eric left his job in the construction industry while Heidi relocated as a teacher and now works at Crosslake Community School.  They have a daughter named Peyton who is currently 8 years old.

Eric and Heidi love kids and enjoy hiking, biking, and various other outdoor activities with their daughter Peyton.  They live at the resort year round.

Ken and Lois O’Brien were raised in Braham, MN before moving to Becker where they raised their family of Eric, Kevin, Nicole and Miranda.  Ken works for Federated Coops as a Relationships Manager and Lois is a Sales Manager at Cargill Kitchen Solutions.

Lois loves visiting the shops in Crosslake and Ken loves fishing.  They love the area so much they are in the process of moving to Fifty Lakes full time!

“We truly appreciate everyone that has chosen Edgewild Resort for their vacation and look forward to meeting all of our future guest.  We are dedicated to making sure your family has a fun and relaxing vacation year after year”

The O’Briens

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